Goodbye Raven

by Shawn Waggoner

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In 2011, Shawn Waggoner began work on her fifth cd, Goodbye Raven, which marks a departure for the singer songwriter in its full band sound. From rockers like Boat and Placebo to the ambient and beautiful Butterfly and My Perfect Death, lyrics and melody weave a mesmerizing tale for both the emotional and intellectual listener.


released September 7, 2012

All songs written by Shawn Waggoner.

Shawn Waggoner: vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Greg Schochet: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, banjo
Mark Raynes: drums, percussion
David Farrell: acoustic and electric bass
Eric Moon: keyboards, accordion
Glenn Taylor: pedal steel
Jefferson Hamer: background vocals on Be Your Eternity
Halden Wofford: vocals on Black Coffee

Produced by Colin Bricker and Shawn Waggoner. Recorded and mixed by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver. Mastered by David Farrell. Liner note artwork, Feral Child, by Judith Schaechter. Graphic design by Woody Myers.



all rights reserved


Shawn Waggoner Colorado

Shawn Waggoner began her music career in Austin, as the lead singer of the successful blues band, Blue Recluse. In '97, the band went on hiatus and Waggoner composed songs for her first cd, Contemplating Cacti. With a new focus on original, acoustic music, Waggoner teamed up with bassist David Farrell for three more cds. Each made its mark on the alternative-folk and Americana genres. ... more

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Track Name: Boat

My boat floats through memories and dreams
My boat floats through memories and dreams
Requires no compass for navigation
Sails the horizon of imagination

A delicate skin guards against the unknown
Never sacrificed to fire once it is worn
Left to die on the shore
No longer it floats
In death it gives life to other boats

Light as a paper cup I dance on the stream
Entranced by flotsam I hear fishes sing
Delirious skies
Wind lends me wings
Drifting in exile this feels like a dream

She’s a life giving mother
She protects like no other
In a floating universe

My boat floats through memories and dreams
My boat floats through memories and dreams
Requires no compass for navigation
Sails the horizon of imagination
I bale out the sadness
I bale out the water
Master these waves
Like a true ocean’s daughter…

Track Name: Placebo

The color of the pill dictates if you are ill
I can see if you hold very still that you won’t or maybe you will
What you represent helps disguise ugly intent
Are you straight or are you bent?

You are better than the real thing
Cause you are good at nothing
You are better than the real thing
Cause you are good at nothing

You’ll never be as cool as the idea of you
To dig you reality’s through, and I’ll pack up my dignity, too
Your subliminal call inspires your minions to crawl
Best medicine’s none at all

Their belief in you transcends common sense or making amends
Loving you like popular trends will fade if they open their eyes
Bound by self imposed ties they choose not to be wise

Track Name: Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals

It’s 2 am, I dial the telephone
Inside the phone booth my breath forms a cloud
I’m trying to get a message to you
I put on a Springsteen record
As the black vinyl spins inside the music I go
I’m trying to get a message to you

Millions of letters on fine paper
Swirling and flying through the air
A blizzard of words, green apple perfume
Encircles your house
Then burns and descends

Sleeping bag, transistor radio
The nights are not as long with voices from so far away
I’m trying to get a message to you

Smoke signals
From the top of the hill
Going nowhere
Truth is too hard to hear
Can you feel my words
Kissing your cheek
Smoke signals
Of the secrets that I keep

Copyright 2012 Shawn Waggoner
Track Name: Farewell Liberty
Farewell Liberty

There's a cowboy hat tumbling down the boulevard
There's a thundercloud overhead, and the wind is blowing hard
He's running down the street
I'm calling out his name
He's running down the street...

Track Name: Green Shoes
Green Shoes

Green velvet shoes
One for me and one for you
And when the angels call you home
My green shoes will walk alone

As green as forests where we ran
We dreamt of queens in foreign lands
But you’ve been called where I cannot go
And my green shoes will walk alone

Into the wild you’ll wander far
A firefly sprung from a jar
Though I’ll miss you dear
Take my leave of you here
I’ll wait for you
In these green shoes

Straight as the arrow flies
Heart as pure as clear blue skies
The truth is yours and all you really own
And your green shoes must walk alone

Track Name: Down and Out Inside
Down and Out Inside

Waves crash
Sing to the shore
Mutes all the color from the life I had before
I can’t go back there
I can’t go back, cause I was

Down and out
Down and out inside
Down and out
Down and out inside

Fingers clenched so tight
Ocean winds will guide you like a loose abandoned kite
Too lovely to be lost
Too lovely to be

Tears fall
Flowers start to grow
The biggest diamonds heartache buries in the snow
Just a reminder
Of what’s left behind there

Track Name: Goodbye Raven
Goodbye Raven

In the alley there’s a raven on a telephone pole
Tapping out a song, but he aint home,
He flies out to the train tracks, can’t wait til he gets back
to his condo beneath the wires of the phone

On the table there’s a box in my mother’s home
I’m spilling out all over, I am gone
She sees me on the floor there, underneath the black and blue chair,
smiles and puts a clean fresh apron on

Come on Summer, we’ve waited so long
Flowers in your eyes are all but gone
Car alarms and sirens replace the sound of rain
Bring back starry night skies, bring back barefoot dreams

Go on Raven, fly again
Over trailer parks and burned out tents
You’ll fly higher, than last summer
Higher than we’ve seen
Keep on going Raven til all the fields turn green
You cannot return
You cannot return
All the bridges burn
You cannot return
Goodbye Raven

Copyright 2012 Shawn Waggoner
Track Name: Butterfly

Thoughts flit from blossom to blossom
Drinking up golden pollen
Trying to get to the bottom
Of what’s happening here in the garden

From cocoon ideas release
New wings permit me with ease
To light on petals that tease,
“drink all the nectar you please”

Dreams ought to live free
A transformation others can’t see
Part butterfly, part bee
Angels release you on the shores of the sea

This gathering thrills me, on flowers I sit!
No, not one regret
A dreamer I’ve been and yet
I willingly enter your net

Copyright 2012 Shawn Waggoner
Track Name: Be Your Eternity
Be Your Eternity

Hang your love upon a tree that stretches far beyond the sky and holds within its branches green the answer to the question: why
Cast your hope out on the sea of foamy purple peace and love, which crashes on the shores of now to tell us of a world above

Slow down, see what you see
Slow down, you are what it means
Be your eternity

Snowflake perfect, so pristine, descends upon us like a diamond rain from heaven sent to tell us secrets of the universe
Sunset so sublime, serene, surreal it takes us on a journey to the deepest open soul inside a crystal shining mind

Slow down, see what you see
Slow down, you are what it means
Be your eternity

Giant marble spinning on its axis to an ever-changing song we sing about the past, the future and the here and now
Brilliant stars up in the sky invite us to delight in shimmer, contemplate the love of millions gazing from the ground below

Track Name: Too Late Train
Too Late Train

It’s too late to stay here
It’s too late to go home
It’s too late to say you’re sorry
It’s too late you’re on your own

Like a train in your station, I pull away so slow
Like a train in your station, I pull away so slow

My goodbyes rain down
As the black train moans
When this train leaves the station
Your pain becomes your own
My goodbyes rain down
I smile
I’m alone

Track Name: Map

Zero degrees latitude
Midpoint between the poles
Earth, sun, moon, star
Celestial circles unfold

If eyes are a map to the soul
On this tundra of new fallen snow
Your agenda shrouded in blue velvet robes
Your eyes are a map to the soul

Mark the secrets
Track the words

Your world on its slow-turning globe
Rhumb lines scar your face
Travel the world by the map of your hand
Smile often leave that in your place

No inroads to answers
Only pathways to now
Weather vane turns with a south wind
Follow a slow moving cloud

Follow a slow moving cloud

Track Name: Mango

She’s the sweetest lil pony this side of the Brazos
And mango is her name
She’s a creamy colored orange with big brown eyes
And a root beer colored mane

When the stars begin to tease
The sun cries herself to sleep
I wanna chase these ghosts away
Out of the dark dry desert in the middle of my soul
That’s never seen the rain

I saddle up my Mango
Saddle up and Ride
Saddle up my Mango
Gonna take her for a ride

From the Grand Canyon right to the bright Marfa Lights I had Mango by my side
In the Mohabi desert I saw a thousand sunsets
Each one made me content enough to die
To die
To die

Mango let’s me ride her let’s me sit right her beside her
Til we break the edge of day
In the early morning twilight the sweet smell rises from the dewdrops on the hay
I’d like to think tonight she’ll be sleeping in the shadows instead of racing fields of black
But I know when daylight leaves us and voices overcome me
I’ll be on Mango’s back

Saddle up and Ride
Saddle up my Mango
Gonna take her for a ride
Ride my lil Mango
Chasing ghosts away
It’s only cause of mango
I’ll live another day

Track Name: Black Coffee
Black Coffee

Black coffee, full cup,
I’ve been waitin' for you to show up
I’ve been sittin’ here at this diner since 9
And I’m about to give up
I hear the music from the barn dance
Coming down the lane
One more lump of sugar and another cup of pain

It’s the perfect evening for a summer dance
This shindig gives us all the chance
To don our Sunday best
And head out for the VFW west
But like many times since we’ve been courtin’
You’re somewhere else and you’re covortin’
Time moves slower than a winter’s day
When they’re playing Turkey in the Hay
And I’m cooped up with this cup o’ Joe

This cup is all I’ve got to hold
I keep on drinking though it’s long gone cold
Like your love for me
I guess you’d rather be drinkin’ tea,
You’re the sugar in my coffee
You’re the whiskey in my tea
Darlin’ you are everything that’s bad for me

The dance is over and here I sit
I bleed espresso and you’re not here yet
I’m percolating I’m steamin' mad
I’m seein stars and I’m seein’ plaid
Black Coffee, full cup

All you Casanovas better listen up
If you want your gal to kiss your lips instead of sippin’ on a cup
Walk the straight and narrow
Don’t you sidestep on your way
Then you’ll never have to hear your baby say

Track Name: My Perfect Death
My Perfect Death

The cold gray winter
The cold gray sky
The cold gray of winter
No tears left to cry

My baby’s gone this winter
My baby’s gone for good
He heard the call of another
Far beyond the frozen wood

Like markers of heartbreak each step tells a tale
Beyond the crop circles the secret’s revealed
Tracks of an ending snowflakes fill
Spring thaw will reveal that I loved him still

At the edge of the frozen wood
He entered here I now stand where he stood
My plan like fine cloth unfurled in my mind
This day will end as only it could

The deep black of winter
Midnight falls
Stars bid goodnight, last kiss from moonlight
And into the wild I go
I go
I go

Copyright 2012 Shawn Waggoner