Cows on the Highway

by Shawn Waggoner

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Shawn Waggoner and the Tumblyweeds released their fourth cd, Cows on the Highway, in the summer of 2006. This new eclectic mix of story songs and sonic landscapes was recorded live, with no guest performances. This one is pure “Weeds.”
Shawn Waggoner and the Tumblyweeds blend intense vocals and unique arrangements on a canvas of powerful storytelling. This Colorado-based trio consists of Shawn Waggoner (songwriting, lead vocal, acoustic guitar), David Farrell (bowed acoustic bass) and Woody Myers (acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin). If you love Americana or alt-folk, this one’s for you!


released June 5, 2006



all rights reserved


Shawn Waggoner Colorado

Shawn Waggoner began her music career in Austin, as the lead singer of the successful blues band, Blue Recluse. In '97, the band went on hiatus and Waggoner composed songs for her first cd, Contemplating Cacti. With a new focus on original, acoustic music, Waggoner teamed up with bassist David Farrell for three more cds. Each made its mark on the alternative-folk and Americana genres. ... more

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Track Name: Salvation Train
Salvation Train

She went down to the station to say goodbye to him
Before he got on the train he took her hand
He said his last goodbyes and she swore she’d be alright
And the rain fell hard from the sky
The rain fell hard

I’m just sitting here watching strangers at the station
All night long the trains roll in, then they pull away
I’ve lived a hundred lives
so I don’t have to live mine
And I keep waiting on the salvation train

I see a girl of 16 standing in the corner
Checks her ticket, bums a smoke
In a green dress she waits, watching for the 12:08
Moonlit tracks glisten in the rain
Moonlit tracks glisten

The rain’s letting up here at the station
I see a woman with flowers in her hair
She smiles and says hello, is she someone I used to know?
She aint waiting on a train…

I’m just sitting here watching strangers at the station
All night long the trains roll in, then they pull away
I’ve lived a hundred lives
so I don’t have to live mine
And I keep waiting on the salvation train
Salvation train, I’m ready to depart
Hair in flowers, green dress on and I’ll leave my broken heart,
I will journey to a place I used to know,
Through the quiet cold I will sparkle like the snow
Salvation train, please take me home

Track Name: Home

In the raindrops on the pine trees I see everything
I see further than I’ve ever seen
My heart’s no longer heavy I have tumbled home
O’er windy plains I no longer roam

Home’s the place that’ll catch you when you fall
And we all fall

Blessings flow like rivers free, full is the moon
I rest in peace on my silver spoon
How little I have now become though I grow old
Hearth fires of my home keep me from the cold

In this place where love abides and friends are guests
It’s surely home sweet home for there
My heart can rest

Track Name: Rolling Blue
Rolling Blue

Through the blue fields
You come running home
And I stretch out my arms
Draw you to my heart
knows this is but a dream
For never have I seen

Rolling fields of blue
Rolling fields of blue
Rolling fields of blue
Rolling fields of blue

In the blue fields
I wait for you each night
But always with the light
You fade into a dreamland
Where wishes do come true
There’s only me and you
And rolling fields of blue

Softly through your hair the wind blows
But I know you’re not there, you’re no longer mine

Track Name: Cows on the Highway
Cows on the Highway

Cows on the highway
Cows in the middle of the road
Cows on the highway
Nowhere to go

Two days since I set out from Lubbock
For a thousand miles I’ve been out of my head
Each turn of the wheel brings me closer
But I fear I may already be dead
I stop here ‘cause straight up ahead, there are

Lovers who walk in the sun hand in hand
Forget what it’s like to be cold
For love to stay with me and not leave me drifting
I’d fill up all your pockets with gold
I need to go where this road goes, but there are

In the midnight garden we dance until dawn
By the seaside I walk with my babies in arms
I awake to these cows who, instead of roaming on farms,
Are lowing in and out of my dreams

Dawn breaks on the two-lane, not a bovine in sight
No trace, no signal, no sign
In deep sleep blue angels found me
With their blessing I may still reach home in time
But I live with the fear that I’ll find

Track Name: Hazel Says
Hazel Says

Hazel waits in her painted egg for her story to begin,
She can hear the rush of butterfly wings, it’s so quiet in her den
Hazel shoots like a start across the skies, lights my will
And Hazel spins a silver web around my life, like a tiny spider in my window sill

Hazel lives in a crystal dish
Like a sugar coated gum drop
If I should dare to pick her up
I’ll find it hard to stop

When I’m lost and when I tired I wonder what sets me free
Hazel says
It’s me

Hazel shine a grey-green light on everything I am
And Hazel doesn’t even know she deserves a better man
Hazel scares me like a storm whose fury’s been unleashed
But the beauty of that power overcomes the great unease

Hazel makes me think of land as seen from in the air
Red clay circles, green velvet patches, angels in the cornfields down there
Hazel smells like home when I get off the plane
And the complete comfort of being where I belong again

Hazel says to hear the ocean I have to quiet down….

Track Name: I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

The moon casts a pale blue light on the rooftops
Dry lightning out east tonight
I’m driving around
On the outskirts of town
And I wonder where you are tonight

Made many mistakes, played too close to the vest
Had nothing to lose so why fight
In your eyes I did see
All that I will never be
And I wonder where you are tonight

You said you were leaving
I thought for awhile
Forever I will not abide
Black of night flashes bright
Silos stand by
Your parting I will not survive

The moon casts a pale blue light on the rooftops
Dry lightning out east tonight
I wanna fetch you back home
But the damage is done
And I wonder where you are tonight
If I could just get you home
But the back streets I roam
And I wonder where you are tonight

Track Name: Incurable

And if my heart be scarred and burned,
The safer, I, for all I learned;
The calmer, I, to see it true
That ways of love are never new --
The love that sets you daft and dazed
Is every love that ever blazed;
The happier, I, to fathom this:
A kiss is every other kiss.

The reckless vow, the lovely name,
When Helen walked, were spoke the same;
The weighted breast, the grinding woe,
When Phaon fled, were ever so.
Oh, it is sure as it is sad
That any lad is every lad,
And what’s a girl, to dare implore
Her dear be hers forevermore?

Though he be tried and he be bold,
And swearing death should he be cold,
He’ll run the path the others went....
But you, my sweet, are different.
Track Name: Autumn

I’m a scarecrow in the moonlight
And I scare those who dare
Trod my fields where cornsilk rustles underfoot
Moonbeams dance off pumpkin skulls and bails of hay
Til the day breaks out of the twisted oaks to find me still, alone

And autumn more than falls before me
I see myself from up above
Autumn find the leaves still falling
Dead as any former love

The years out here have kept me well
Unscathed by change, unmoved by pain that clings to Spanish moss like October rain
When crows approach they’re well aware I live to scare
though they dare light there, where spite, not interest, shows they care

Leave my shoulder
Quell your jeer
You were never welcome here
Your presence mocks me
Am I that tame?
Fear my love by any name

Track Name: Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

My love a constellation above so high
Only revealed as a long day passes by
Turns to diamonds in a cobalt sky
My heart you now see with your naked eye

Thousands of tiny stars that surround me
Come together and shine down upon me
In the sun I’m beautiful
And in the light you see what I do
Points on a map that helped me to find you
You are truth, you’re beautiful

And in the warmth of your sun any walls I built fall away
And all the flowers that died there rise up to the happy day
The music that hides there comes out to play
And all of this happens every time you say
I love you

Track Name: Jagoe

You went runnin’ and a runnin’ flying down to Mexico
In your blue Chevrolet you’re hiding out a trunk full of gold
You never had nothin’, now nothin’s all you got to lose
You got the radio rockin’ LeRoi’s Rhythm and Booze

Jagoe, Jagoe

Your black hair’s flying out the windows and up through the top
And your blue eyes are flashin’, hope those headlights don’t belong to a cop
They said you couldn’t do it, said you’d have to bring in some help
But you pulled it off baby only one you have to thank is yourself

Jagoe, Jagoe

He went runnin’ and runnin’ thought he’d left you to heartache and blues
No place to live and baby needs a new pair of shoes
You thought about ways to dig yourself outta that hole
But none could satisfy the restless burnin’ in your soul

Jagoe, Jagoe

If you reach the border by midnight you beat your own time
One last look in the rearview, victory’s sublime
If they told you thievin’ and stealin’ would fit like a glove,
If they told you breaking the law was like making love…


COPYRIGHT 2006 Shawn Waggoner
Track Name: 85 Drive
85 Drive

Oh lonesome highway
Oh lonesome road
Black ribbon through the heartland
Carry me home
Carry me home

Corn fields afire
Corn fields aflame
Black smoke rises, cloud disguises
Evening shade
Evening shade

Red lights flash, cops car goes past
Truck turned over in the tall gold grass
Mangled metal, broken glass
Cattails swaying
Fireflies out at last
Hope the end found them quickly
If their time here had come
May they find their way through dark skies
Into his loving arms

Oh lonesome highway
Oh lonesome road
Like a prayer
The road’s salvation will carry us home
Carry us home
Carry us home