Songs for the FP

by Shawn Waggoner

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Shawn Waggoner and the Tumblyweeds’ 2003 release, Songs for the FP, marks a return to Waggoner’s country-blues roots. Inspired by some of her heroes – Lucinda Williams, Shawn Colvin and Gillian Welch – Waggoner intermixes country-blues rockers with stories inspired by road trips through her beloved Lone Star State. This new release features Austin guitar player Matt Giles, percussionist Mark Raynes, accordion player Eric Moon, fiddle player Jean Ballhorn, and on acoustic bass, David Farrell.
Says Waggoner, “If I were a painter, I would be known for my portraits of strong women who could be or are destroyed by the very thing that gives them strength. This record presents that in a couple of different ways. There’s humor in the story of Firecracker Linde, but there’s also tragedy in the story of Estelline.”


released January 10, 2003



all rights reserved


Shawn Waggoner Colorado

Shawn Waggoner began her music career in Austin, as the lead singer of the successful blues band, Blue Recluse. In '97, the band went on hiatus and Waggoner composed songs for her first cd, Contemplating Cacti. With a new focus on original, acoustic music, Waggoner teamed up with bassist David Farrell for three more cds. Each made its mark on the alternative-folk and Americana genres. ... more

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Track Name: Prove it Up
Prove it Up

Prove it up, prove up your claim
Am I the one?
Were you just playing?
Prove it up, back up the talk
Prove it up, honey, or talk a walk

For so long you pledged your love, though many moons have passed
Since the day you first said you love me now I feel the need to ask
You can talk the bluest streak of anyone I seen
So go ahead, prove up your claim, and show me what you mean

At first I thought the fear was fun, a game of cat and mouse
But what sparked a little fire is burning down the house
It’s only truth, though vow you might, just tell me how you feel
Lover, prove up your claim, and try to be real

Fear of life, fear of death, fear of growing old
We all feel fear from time to time
So tell me, do you fear my love

Come out on the porch a while, come look me in the eye
I need to hear your clearest word and not your whitest lie
Let the breeze shoot between us, call it by its name
Sweet as cherry pie you are, but can you prove your claim?

Track Name: Restless

Dark clouds are rolling in again
The last train is headed down the tracks
I feel the panic setting in
I’m leaving here and I’m not coming back

I can’t stay here with you
I can’t stay here with you

Like a storm brewing up that never comes to pass
I got my boot on the pedal but there aint no gas
I wanna run like hell but I can’t break the grasp of
whatever’s holding me here

I don’t know how I got like this
I just know I’ve always been
And when they lay me down to rest
I’ll be left alone with my restless sin

Track Name: Texas Jones
Texas Jones

I’m jonesin for Texas
I hear her calling me home
I’m a thousand miles from nothing
Me and my engine’s drone
But I’m making good time
Can’t wait to cross that Austin City Limits line

I got a Texas Jones
Deep down in my bones
There’s a chain of love pulling me on back home
There’s a chain of love pulling me on back home

Texas is the only place
I have ever belonged
From her Southern hospitality
To her love of a song
Your troubled past don’t matter here
When you’re on the dance floor holding your darling near

A Texas Jones comes over me when I cross that borderline
My craving for the Lone Star state is messing with my mind
A mama craves her baby’s smile
The night sky craves the stars
My troubled mind it craves some peace and Texas seems so far

There aint no place like Texas
I’d bet my boots on that
To those who think different
I’d even tip my hat
But I’d think they were lying
A Texas Jones like this one, there aint no denying

Track Name: South Austin Blues
South Austin Blues

I’m so broken, I can’t stand up straight
I’m so broken, I can’t stand up straight
But I’m a strong, strong woman
Stronger than my hate

Had so many, didn’t count on lovin you
Had so many, didn’t count on lovin you
Now I’m low down in the Bayou
Since we been through

Broken, how you left my heart
Pieces in your hand
Broken, I will tell you true
I can’t love another man

You’re so broken, tar and sticks and bones
You’re so broken, tar and sticks and bones
You wicked, sweet daddy
God sees what you done

Track Name: Estelline

Estelline left here today
She knew she was never coming home
Her kids and her man watched her go
Not knowing she was already gone
Estelline was already gone

Why Estelline why
Why Estelline
Why Estelline why
Did you go and leave us
Without saying goodbye

Estelline hails from San Antonio
The daughter of a railroad man
With the moon and the stars watching over her
She danced on the banks of the Rio Grande

Her love found her down by the river’s edge
Beneath the shade trees where the misty moonlight shines
And they walked through this world, their steps in time
Like a rock they skipped the waters over time

Estelline saw herself in her daughter’s face
Her brown eyes took her back to her favorite place
In his arms she found herself in love’s embrace
Like a tumblyweed the days went rolling by

The August heat rained down on the little house
Estelline was coming back from town
Great clouds of smoke greeted her at the county line
And when she reached home it was already gone
She didn’t know, but they were already gone

The years went by, another life began
One that never had a chance anyway
Their love was the finest veil of lace
And the wind it just carried them away

Now no one knows where she stands
Maybe she went running into the arms of the Rio Grande
Do you hear her whisper in the tall wheat fields
Some say they’ll see her again
I know I never will

Track Name: Mother Mary of Guadalupe
Mother Mary of Guadalupe

She’s a vision on the water, a light from heaven’s sky
Roses fall around her, they’re the tears from the virgin’s eyes
Angels fly from her shoulders, stars shoot from her head
She got lightning in her fingers to spark the soul you left for dead

Out of the fire a band of angels carry me to you
Singing save me won’t you save me Mother Mary of Guadalupe
Out of the fire a band of angels carries me to you
Singing heal me won’t you heal me Mother Mary of Guadalupe

Like the dreams of the departed I’ve drifted out much too far
I see the bones of the ones before me break in the bloodhound’s jaw
The wind makes the skeletons rattle in dissonant harmonies
I see a shadow on the river bank, and it’s reaching out for me

Oh, Mary, watch the water rise
With the tears of all those searching for a better life
Oh heal me Mary, my maternal one
Why should I pay the price for all the things they done
Track Name: Cold Blue Heart
Cold Blue Heart

Steel blue tracks stretch on through the night like loneliness across your heart
I break down when I hear that whistle blowing, 900 tears 1000 miles apart
Well I didn’t seem to remember to look twice before I start
Love could never grow inside of your cold, blue heart

Dancing in the kitchen to my mama’s radio, singing softly in the dark
Screen door slams, it’s that old Texas wind blowing my troubled mind apart
Well I didn’t see it coming, your love hit me like a poison dart
Love could never grow inside of your cold, blue heart

You’re always late with my kisses, you never call my name
I’m holding on to lonesome wishes that you find love again

Standing at the station in that blazing southern sun, the place where you left me long ago
Box cars filled with memories slowly pass me by, the pain inside makes me want to roll
Well I’m packing up these worn out blues, they’re tearing me apart
Love could never grow inside of your cold, blue heart
Track Name: Bluebonnet Song
Bluebonnet Song

Behind the wheel on a West Texas highway
Out in the hills where the cacti grow wild
Under the live oak that whispers to the Rio Grande
Wishes like bluebonnets blanket the fields

Is it the river that sets my heart wandering
A Spanish moss midnight that makes my soul roam
Or the notion of going, of just moving forward
Out in the desert my dreams find a home

Don’t know the difference between diamonds and rhinestones
I won’t change the world with a few country songs
But the dust on my boots won’t keep me from walking
And longing won’t keep me from carrying on

Track Name: Liberty

Liberty came from the wrong side of the tracks
And once he left there he swore he’d never go back
With his cowboy boots, a one-way ticket and a picture from an old magazine
Liberty went to see a world he’d never seen

He closed his eyes
Got a running start
Opened his mind and he opened his heart
To the world he’d say yes for the very first time
He’s learning to fly
He’s a leaf in the wind
He’s betting his hand and he’s betting to win
With arms outstretched and ready to receive
He’s trying to believe

Down South
Liberty worked the land
And his daddy held his knowledge
Like a fistful of dirt in his hand
And he said son the world holds many secrets
that she aint ready to tell
Don’t look too long at the sun
And don’t throw your coins in the well

Only fools chase foolish dreams
so Liberty learned in school
But if you don’t try to live your dreams
Who’s the biggest fool?

Liberty took the tattered picture from the pocket of his vest
He wondered if he’d ever find her
Til he did he’d take no rest
He remembered his daddy, remembered his words
And he finally understood
The beauty of not knowing
And the grace of not giving up

Track Name: Firecracker Linde
Firecracker Linde

Firecracker Linde
When I she her flying I know it's the 4th of July
Firecracker Linde
Better slow down baby, you done caught the state trooper's eye

She's got the pedal to the metal and she's leaning on big red
Koko's in the back with his ears flapping over his head
Them sweet little gals go tearing down 85
It's all legal once they cross the Weld county line

Well she don't mess with Sparklers, Linde's hot for Artillery Shells,
Texas Tornado, Excalibur, Liberty Bells
Look out folks it looks like a three-alarm
Linde's loaded up with firecrackers, headed for the farm

Happy Birthdays
Flowers of Spring
That gal will blow up anything
Burning paper
in the air
say your prayer

Track Name: Clouds

Like a cloud in the sky you go floating by
I wanna touch you
So lovely and so fair to see you floating there
I wanna be you

I wanna be you, what else can I be?
I wanna be you, I’m so tired of being me
I wanna be you, abandon anonymity
I wanna life as vast and heavenly

Like a cloud raining down, you’re my favorite sound
I wanna hear you
When you come rolling in I wonder where you been
I wanna be you

As the angels make their ways through your cotton candy haze
They wanna kiss your sugar air
But you shine your love everywhere

Track Name: When the Bluebird Flies
When the Bluebird Flies

The bluebird will fly in the wink of an eye
When her sweet song you hear, draw your loved one so near
Cause the bluebird will fly in the wink of an eye

I took you for granted like the big skies above me
As endless and true blue you were
You were such a part of me, you lived in the heart of me
Til the bluebird called you to her
The bluebird called you to her
And the trail of stardust you sprinkled behind you
I’d follow if only I could

Had I known you were going would’ve made sure I told you
The secrets of my love for you
But the bluebird she called you home, and it chills me to the bone
To think that you never knew
But the bluebird she already flew
And the words that belong to you, my sweet song of love for you
Will go forever unheard

Track Name: Skywriter

Oh to roll with golden clouds and kiss the sun
Escape the confines of these earthly bounds
Climbing skyward
Heaven keep you
Silver slips from view
Onward toward the end of time
A dream for all but you


Sanctity of space is broken by a ribbon white
Wings of joy cradle you
Oh what a sight
Dance the skies
Trip the light
In a sun drenched awe
Reaching out
Through the silence
For the hand of God
Of God
Of God